Mid- to Senior-Level Project Manager for eutraining.eu

Key Information

  • Position: Mid- to Senior-Level Project Manager of Online EU Training (eutraining.eu)
  • Location: Budapest
  • Application: Submit your resume and motivation letter to careers@arboreus.eu
  • Deadline: 25 September 2015
  • Process:
    • selected candidates will go through psychometric testing and interviews
    • optional: paid trial day (or half-day) for finalists
    • start of employment in October (at least, so we hope)

Who are we?

Arboreus is the operator of Online EU Training (eutraining.eu), Europe’s market-leading training platform for candidates in European Union civil service recruitment (EPSO) competitions.

In 2012 and 2014, Arboreus was awarded the Deloitte Central European Fast 50 Award for being one of the top 50 fastest growing startups in Central-Eastern Europe. In addition, we have also just received the .eu Web Awards in the Laurels category.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a project manager to help drive various IT and product (EPSO training material) development activities for the EU Training platform. If you are highly organised, have a knack for technology and web-based services in particular, are able to work independently with minimal supervision, possess excellent English language skills, we’d like to talk to you.

Some typical projects you will be working on

Below are some sample projects you will have to manage as Online EU Training’s project manager.


We are in the final stages of re-developing our existing platform, Online EU Training. Although this work is close to completion, we are constantly working on improving our site and the user experience. We are looking for someone who likes to brainstorm new feature ideas, can take the lead on integrating different ideas and defining product improvements, instructing software developers and liaising with UX/UI and graphic designers.


We are constantly improving our product offering by expanding training material portfolio, adding language versions and offering new practice material formats. The ideal candidate is extremely sensitive to customer feedback, keeps an eye on changes to the EPSO system and has in interest in (digital) teaching methodology. This task would include defining product development priorities (based on ROI calculations), recruiting and managing practice material authors, ordering ‘writer’s guide’ that summarises how practice materials are to be written (if needed), managing deliveries of and reviewing new practice materials.

General Project Management:

There are countless regular activities involved in running a website, it would be your job to ensure that all of these happen on time:

  • overseeing customer support to ensure quality and timeliness
  • channeling customer feedback into product/feature improvements
  • updates to FAQ items, product descriptions and help sections
  • managing trainers/coaches, contractors
  • continuously enhancing user experience
  • act as point of contact to outside accounting team
  • …and many other things

You would have help doing all of the above, but taking ownership of the projects and ensuring their timely delivery are essential.

What do we offer?

This is what we can offer in exchange:

  • most importantly, an opportunity to work for one of the most exciting startups in the CEE region
  • competitive salary
  • flexible working hours and casual working conditions
  • office in the coolest part of Budapest (right next to Gozsdu Udvar)

What is the recruitment process going to be like?

  1. Please submit your resume and motivation letter to careers@arboreus.eu by 25 September 2015.
  2. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview and a psychometric test.
  3. Finalists will be offered a trial day opportunity with us, where you can try yourself in your new role (optional). You will receive a daily salary for the trial day.
  4. You will start in your new role as of October.
  5. Make a huge difference and help further grow one of the most dynamic startups in Central and Eastern Europe!

Online EU Training wins .eu Web Awards

We are proud and happy to share good news with you again: Last month, Online EU Training, Arboreus’s flagship project won the prestigious .eu Web Awards.

The .eu Awards is an initiative by EURid, the operator of the .eu country code top-level domain, to recognize top performing websites registered under a .eu domain.

The 2014 awards ceremony took place the 19th November in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

dot EU Web Awards Online EU Training

This year, well over 100 websites were submitted to the competition and the jury selected 5 winners across 5 categories. We were thrilled by their decision that Online EU Training was to bring home the price in the Laurel’s category, open for educational and Pan-European projects.

We couldn’t have done this without our user’s, so a huge thanks goes to them for their continued support for Online EU Training!

We are Hiring Again!

EU Training is Looking for a Part-Time Customer Support Agent!

Key Information

  • Position: E-mail Customer Support Agent of www.eutraining.eu
  • Location: work from home opportunity!
  • Application: submit your resume and motivation letter to us
  • Working Hours: flexible – you need to allocate approx. 2 x 2 hours per day to respond pending e-mails
  • Deadline7 November 2014

Who are we?

Arboreus is the operator of Online EU Training, Europe’s market-leading training platform for candidates in European Union civil service recruitment (EPSO) competitions.

In both 2012 and 2014, Arboreus was awarded the Deloitte Fast 50 award for being one of the fastest growing startup in Central-Eastern Europe.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an e-mail customer support manager to respond to e-mails from our lovely customers all over Europe and beyond.

Typical customer inquires relate to:

What competencies are required?

The following competencies are crucial to the role:

  • attention to detail
  • customer-focus
  • excellent written English
  • knowledge of French is a plus

What do we offer?

This is what we can offer in exchange:

  • competitive remuneration
  • flexible working hours and casual working conditions
  • you can either work from home or from our office in the coolest part of Budapest (right next to Gozsdu Udvar)

What is the recruitment process going to be like?

  1. Please submit your resume and motivation letter to us by 7 November 2014.
  2. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview.
  3. You will start off with a trial period of 1 or 2 days during which all your responses will be reviewed by existing customer agents. You will be provided feedback during this process.
  4. The new colleague will start immediately.

Arboreus Still On the Rise

Two years ago we received global services firm Deloitte’s ‘Rising Star’ Award and our team at Arbo was all over the place. Thanks to our amazing 70,000+ customers, Arboreus was awarded the ’4th Fastest Growing Tech Start-up’ in 2012 of all the Central European tech companies younger than 5 years.

In the past two years, we kept up the hard work and yesterday we were back at Deloitte’s annual gala. This time we competed in the ’Fast 50’ category, the playing field for companies older than 5 years, and Arboreus was recognized as the 40th fastest growing tech-company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Arboreus Fast Fifty Award

Our flagship Online EU Training is moving steadily forward, and with an ever-expanding user base it is the world’s favourite EPSO preparation service.

Career Gym, EU Training’s little brother, helps job applicants prepare for admission tests, and earlier this year we have launched the latest member of the Arboreus family. Talentsift offers ability and personality test suites for companies to help them select the best candidates for new positions. The British National Health Service was among the first customers and many more are trialling it right now.

We could not have gone so far without the people at our HQ and all the freelance experts, advisors and contributors who have worked with us during these years. We strongly believe that this team, spanning all over Europe, is the key to our success. We’ll do our best to keep improving and impressing another 100,000 customers in the coming years.

Thank you all for being with us, and thank you Deloitte for the recognition.

We’ll be back next year!

How to become an entrepreneur… in EU affairs

The full transcript and free podcast of the presentation András had given at the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and European Young Entrepreneurs (EYEs) conference entitled “From stagiaire to enterpreneurship” on 18 July 2013. Practical tips, business ideas and EU affairs covered in 29 minutes!

Appeared originally here: http://www.baneth.eu/2013/07/23/how-to-become-an-entrepreneur-in-eu-affairs/

Continue reading

Our ‘Scotland Office’

Arboreus Scotland Field Office

Arboreus Scotland Field Office

I am on a personal visit in Aberdeen, Scotland this week, but life doesn’t stop at Arboreus just because I left ‘the continent’, so right after I arrived, I set up what I call the Arboreus Scotland Field Office (left). A coffee house on the main thoroughfare of Aberdeen serves as the venue for this makeshift office. It is a convenient location: next door is a butcher’s where in a few hours I am going to buy two 15 oz. Aberdeen Angus steak fillets.

The Archibald Simpson pub is also close by, named after the main architect of Aberdeen, designer of, amongst others, Marischal College, currently City Hall, the building that inspired one of Aberdeen’s nicknames: the granite city.

Aberdeen City Hall

Aberdeen City Hall

Aberdeen is also a thriving port and the ‘energy capital’ of the UK, being a major hub in the production of North Sea oil.

Wish to learn more about Aberdeen? I recommend checking out native son crime writer Stuart MacBride‘s Logan Rae detective series, which is set entirely in the granite city.

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach








A typical Arbo presentation

This Thursday, we had the pleasure to give a presentation on EU positions (and the jazz surrounding that) at the Central European University. I believe we can call it a success as more than 60 students turned up – immediately winning us the “most attendees for an extracurricular presentation” and “that presentation for which more students turned up than for Google’s” awards.

We had a great time. Our hosts were very friendly, their planning and execution were topnotch. As usual, Gábor knocked the ball out of the park with his presentation – questions were flowing continuously (except for the gasps for air when we got to the slide on salary…).

András holding a presentation in Luxemburg

While Gabor was presenting at the CEU workshop, Andras shared 14 tips on pursuing a successful career in EU affairs in Luxembourg. He used his brand new favorite of presentation tools, Prezi to deliver his tips to 60+ EU institution trainees.

These events are very important to us – they provide tangible feedback – a commodity we rarely see in an online business. Let’s hope more of the same will follow!

Arboreus Wins Deloitte’s “Rising Star” Award: 4th Fastest Growing Tech Start-up in Central Europe

What started as an idea in 2007 is now a Budapest-based company with a fantastic team of 4 enthusiastic people, helped by some 20 freelancers all over the world (including the UK, USA, Germany, Philippines and beyond), powered by more than 60,000 clients from over 80 countries in the world: Arboreus has just been given Deloitte’s prestigious Rising Star Award as the 4th fastest growing tech start-up in Central Europe.

Arboreus as a Rising Star

Arboreus as a Rising Star

Truth be told: we are extremely proud and honored to have been given this award, based on our 295% growth rate over the past 3 years, purely based on hard work and organic growth without any state, government or EU funds involved. We remember the time when both founders had their full-time day jobs and started working on their online training, e-learning and test preparation idea as a “moonlighting” project. We spoke with each other on the phone probably more than with our spouses, and weekends were often spent on scoping, design reviews, copy writing and project coordination instead of enjoying some nice Belgian beers. Looking back, it was worth every second of our time.

Today, still with a super-efficient team of 4 and based in a single-room office, we stick to our business principles of being lean, keeping an extreme focus on customer satisfaction and user experience, and we always remember those who have inspired and helped us. We would not be here if not for all those who have helped us on the way, especially including Ben, Zoltán, Dávid, Chris and countless other contractors, friends and freelancers.

If you are interested in more details, please get in touch as we are always open to talk about our experience, ideas and projects.

Accepting the award

Is Arbo a rising star?

Tomorrow evening we are attending the award ceremony for the Deloitte Central European Technology Fast 50 contest.

We are competing with other young (established not earlier than 2007) technology companies from 17 Central European countries for a ‘Rising Star’ award. In each year, Deloitte awards the 10 fastest growing Central European startups on the basis of their revenue growth since the date of foundation.

The award process is very secretive and exciting. They only announce award winners on the event itself and there is no leaking of information. A bit like the Oscars, isn’t it? :)

In any event, we are excited about the award as it would be a nice reinforcement of what we have been doing in the past few years…But there is one thing we can guarantee, we will continue with same commitment to our customers and projects with or without an award!

Madrid, London, Budapest

Last Friday Arboreus spread across Europe.

Madrid – Andras even had some time for art.

András held another EPSO Assessment Centre Classroom Training, this time in Madrid. As always, he received great feedback, here is what one of the participants said: “Don’t be shy to say in your website that you have one more costumer that thinks that the classes are really, really great, and everyone should try one before going to the assessment centre. It’s a really helpful simulation.” Thank you for your kind words, Rui and well done, András!!




London – We have to admit, the locale was inspiring.

While András was helping our Spanish friends to fulfill their EPSO career dreams, Gábor and I were in London meeting a friend and business partner, discussing a new project. We came home excited and full of ideas aiming for not less than re-shaping the recruitment industry!





Budapest – Arboreus HQ must never be empty.

While we were planning the future, Márton stayed in Budapest to make sure that our customers get the full attention they deserve. There is a returning theme when Gábor is away on business or vacation. The unlucky pattern is that on the exact day when he leaves central Budapest something goes wrong with one of our sites. This time we were lucky though and survived without any major hickup! Knock-knock…