Arboreus (or Arbo, as we call it) was founded in 2008 and is now one of Central Europe’s most dynamically developing edtech startups (recently given Deloitte’s Rising Star Award for the 4th fastest growing start-up in the CEE Region). To help our customers achieve their career aspirations we offer professional online training materials for major selection exams such as, EPSO, UKCAT and other SHL, Kenexa or TalentQ-based recruitment exams. Additionally, our European Training Academy assists organisations reach their business goals through specialist EU training in areas such as lobbying, regulatory compliance, decision-making, communication and a whole lot more.

Our Businesses:

• Europe’s no.1 EPSO preparation website
• More than 60.000+ users from 58 countries
• Over 10.000 test questions in 11 languages
• Live webinars, classroom trainings, one-on-one coaching
• Brussels EU Affairs Jobs Database



• Psychometric and Personality tests
• Unique Assessment Centre Platform
• Cost- and time-effective recruitment
• Detailed solutions, statistics, reports

• Practice aptitude tests
• Psychometric test practice
• Reasong & accuracy tests
• Detailed solutions, statistics
• Online training workshops

European Training Academy



• Online and classroom EU affairs trainings
• EU public affairs, lobbying, decision-making and communication trainings
• EU antitrust/competition law compliance trainings tailored to industry sectors
• EU regulatory compliance training (energy, food, chemicals and tobacco industries)
• Free interactive multimedia EU e-learning courses